Renee Paquette Comes To Defence Of WWE Veteran

Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette has moved to defend one WWE veteran telling their critics to “shut up.”

From the moment Triple H assumed creative control of WWE, the on-screen product began to shift. The shows themselves have been praised for being less rigid, while a number of former stars including Johnny Gargano, Hit Row, Dakota Kai and Karrion Kross have all returned.

Another change that has been picked up on by fans is the commentary, particularly from Michael Cole. Far from sounding scripted as he has in the past, the veteran has been given a new lease of life with his reactions to the action sounding much more natural.

Speaking on a recent episode of her podcast The Sessions, Renee Paquette came to the defence of Cole and hit back at those who have criticised his work in the past. Paquette, who has previously worked alongside Cole in the announce booth said that she’s happy to see him have the opportunity to excel.

“Michael Cole doing his sh*t on commentary and being just as good as he actually is. People have literally crapped on [Michael Cole] for years… Shut up. You guys don’t even know how good he is… That dude is in a pressure cooker every single show and he takes the brunt of it. Now, to see him like, actually just show his talent and get to like, show his love of professional wrestling and the fact that he’s been in the business for 25-plus years and the depth of knowledge he has of professional wrestling, it’s awesome. It makes me really happy to see him get to breathe and do his thing.”

It was recently reported that WWE appear to have scrapped a controversial policy introduced by Vince McMahon which resulted in a number of stars having their names changed.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.