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Renee Paquette Discusses Bully Ray’s “Bullsh*t Trash Take” On Jon Moxley, Says He Has Yet To Apologise

Jon Moxley Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette has discussed her thoughts on Bully Ray’s recent comments about her husband Jon Moxley and how Moxley should apologise to fans for his recent absence.

Jon Moxley made his return to AEW Dynamite on the 19th of January edition of AEW’s flagship show. Moxley had been out of action for several weeks after entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

During his return address that opened the show, Moxley vowed to take the pro wrestling world “by the balls” in an impassioned speech that was given a raucous ovation from the fans in attendance in Washington D.C.

However, speaking on Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray gave his opinion on Moxley’s promo and while he liked what the former AEW Champion had to say, he would have liked to have heard an apology as well:

“We have our demons. These demons got the best of Jon for a time period where he had to step away from AEW. I would have liked to have heard him say a bit of an apology to the AEW fans. You don’t have to apologise to the boys even though the boys do count on you but any one of those guys and gals could have the same problems that you did. And trust me, I came up in an era where a slew of men and women had their demons.”

“The fans expect a little bit more from you. What about the fans that bought tickets to see AEW and Jon Moxley while Jon was away taking care of his problems I’m very happy that he left and took care of his problem. And he looked incredibly healthy last night. And I love everything that he said.”

“I just would have loved to have heard a little bit of accountability. I don’t know if I’m sorry is necessarily the right word but maybe endear yourself a little bit to the crowd if you felt you let them down. This is coming from me, the hard ass of all hard asses.”

“Personally, if it was me in the same situation, the first thing I would have said is ‘guys, I’m sorry if I let you down’…I think that would have been the proper thing to do.”

Now Jon Moxley’s wife, Renee Paquette has opened up about her thoughts on Bully Ray’s take on the situation. The former WWE broadcaster was speaking on her Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha podcast when she said she felt Ray’s comments were “personal:”

“The whole thing, the Bully Ray thing, you know, I saw it all over my Twitter and I was like ‘do even address this?’ But it’s like that thing you know, people can talk sh*t about me all day long and whatever, it’s fine.”

“You talk sh*t about my husband, you talk sh*t about my family, that becomes more personal to me and that bothers me more. It also bothers me because Bully is somebody who I’ve always really enjoyed. I’ve always really liked Bully.”

“I always thought I had a good relationship with him despite other people not having a good relationship with him or him having burned bridges in other places and leaving a bad taste in other people’s mouths. I’ve never had that situation with him so now to be on the receiving end of it, sucks. I’ve not talked to him since it’s all gone down. He certainly has my phone number. He certainly has my husband’s phone number.”

Paquette reiterated to her listeners what Bully Ray had said and revealed her initial reaction that Ray was making the comment to be a “shock jock:”

“So yeah, I mean, it sucks. So just for context for anyone who doesn’t know…Bully said that he thought that Jon should have apologised to the audience and apologised. [Bully said] he doesn’t necessarily have to apologise to the boys in the back and the girls in the back for the time that was taken off but people that have bought tickets and wanted to see Jon Moxley and blah, blah, blah. And there could not be a more bullsh*t trash take.”

“Honestly, my first reaction to it was like, I just thought it was like some shock jock sh*t and I was like ‘he doesn’t actually think that. There’s no way he actually believes that Jon needs to apologise for taking time off to better himself.’”

“By the way, three months is also nothing in the scope of what wrestling is, and also in the scope of his life. Three months is nothing so for him to go and do the things that he needed to do for himself, for our family, and for our daughter, that’s for us. It’s not for anybody else. And I could not be more proud of him for doing that in a business that is so notorious with addiction issues.”

Renee Paquette continued by discussing the addiction issues that have been prevalent in the wrestling business over the years and how Moxley taking the steps he has taken to conquer his demons, that speaks to the fans:

“We’ve seen the untimely passing of so many wrestlers. It has been a thing that has affected the business for such a long time. It’s a stigma that comes with the business so the fact that Jon is one of those guys in the spot that he’s in, and he’s going against the grain and doing the things that he needs to do, I think speaks volumes to the fans.”

“Not even just the fans [but] the people inside the business, to the other boys in the back [and] to the girls in the back that might be going through a similar thing. It happens to so many people. It’s unfortunately so common. So he went into what he had to do and no apologies.”

In closing, Paquette stressed that this is a real issue and isn’t the build-up to a match or a wrestling storyline:

“There’s no payoff…this isn’t an angle. They’re not gonna have a payoff of like a match or anything like that…It just seems like a really sh*tty take.”

The fans in attendance at The WRLD on GCW for Moxley’s match with Homicide let Jon Moxley know exactly where they stood as they showered the GCW Champion with “f*ck Bully Ray” chants.

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