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René Duprée Claims Controversial WrestleMania 34 Title Change Was Done As A “Knock” At Him

Braun Strowman WrestleMania 34 Rene Dupree Title Change

Former WWE Superstar René Duprée has claimed that Braun Strowman and Nicholas’ controversial WrestleMania 34 RAW Tag Team Title victory was “just a knock” on him, referring to the title match as nothing more than a stunt.

Until WrestleMania 34, former La Résistance member, René Duprée held the record for the youngest ever champion in the WWE after capturing the WWE World Tag Team Titles at just 19-years-old back after La Résistance defeated the iconic duo of RVD and Kane at WWE Bad Blood 2003.

Since then several WWE Superstars had come close to breaking Duprée’s record, most notably NXT UK Superstar Tyler Bate who captured the WWE UK Championship at just 19 years and 10 months of age – four months older than Duprée was back in 2003.

However, at WrestleMania 34 -15 years after Duprée’s World Tag Team Title victory – Braun Strowman would capture the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles from The Bar whilst partnered by WWE Official John Cone’s 10-year-old son Nicholas.

Most fans believe that this title change took place as a method of engaging live events with the youngest demographic and helping ensure young fans want to attend WWE live because they might become WWE Tag Team Champions, Duprée however believes WWE had much more sinister intentions at heart.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, the now 38-year-old would comments:

“When they pulled that stunt at WrestleMania with the kid, that was just a knock at me. Oh yeah. Why do you think they did it with the tag belts and at WrestleMania? So I hear about it. Oh yeah!”

When asked why the WWE would be taking shots at him over ten years after he requested his release from the WWE, he would add:

“Well, see, I literally haven’t watched a show in 15-16 years, but like, they will throw inside jabs through their television at certain performers. Well, I asked for my release, right, because I was going through some issues. I just wanted to get away from there for a while, and they actually get mad at you if you don’t show up looking for a job again or reach out to them to be a part of their family again,”

This is not the first comment the Canadian born talent has made with regards to the WWE, most recently Duprée revealed that he believes WWE management deliberately releases talent on special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

During an appearance on The Hannibal TV, Rene Dupree has now claimed WWE purposely release talents on special occasions. Dupree said that Haas and Gayda were fired when they returned from their honeymoon, while Billy Gunn was once released on his birthday.

“They got married, they went on their honeymoon… I guess they went to Antigua or one of those Caribbean countries. The day they got back, Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis] calls them up, fires them both. Ain’t that some sh*t? They fired Billy Gunn on his birthday. I don’t know why they do that, but it’s not a coincidence. They purposely do that sh*t,

Duprée most recently appeared in-ring for Canadian independent promotion RCW, whilst Nicholas proved himself the ultimate heel champion in the WWE – vacating the title and seemingly ending his WWE tenure 1-0, a WrestleMania streak like no other.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.