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Rene Dupree Says He Was “Lied To” About Potential WWE Return

Rene Dupree in La Resistance

Rene Dupree has revealed that he almost re-joined WWE but was lied to as the deal fell apart.

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree has revealed that he almost re-joined the company in 2010, before the deal fell apart.

Dupree first signed with WWE back in 2002, where he originally appeared with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). At the time he was the youngest performer to sign with the company.

Just a year later, the Canadian star arrived on the main roster with Sylvain Grenier under the name La Resistance. Two months after making their debut, the pair won the WWE Tag Team Titles for the first time. In the process Dupree became the first teenager and youngest star to hold a WWE Championship.

The duo later recruited Rob Conway to their cause before the team was split in March 2004. Dupree remained with WWE with limited success until July 2007. By the time of his departure, he was a two-time Tag Team Champion.

To date Dupree hasn’t returned to WWE, but speaking on a recent episode of his Cafe De Rene podcast, he revealed that he almost re-signed with the company in 2010. At the time he held talks with Vince McMahon and was promised a good spot on the card after further talks with John John Laurinaitis. However, the deal fell apart as Dupree had issues returning to the United States.

“[Vince McMahon impression] ‘You’ll have your contract in a week.’ I waited nine days. It got there, I signed it. I couldn’t get into the United States. [John Laurinaitis impression] ‘Fix this stuff, Rene, and we’ll bring you back on top.’ I fixed it, called them on the phone, no answer. I’d been lied to,”

Although he now considers himself “blackballed” from the company, Dupree said that he could still be a main event player if he returned.

“If I went there tomorrow, you could put me in the main event, I could fit anywhere on that card, I would be a better top guy than any of their top guys, I’d be a better trainer than any of their trainers, and I’d be a better producer than any of their producers.” Dupree added, “Call me cocky, but I firmly believe that.”

Rene Dupree has been out of the ring since September 2021 when he was defeated by Michael Richard Blais at an RCW event in Alberta, Canada.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.