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Rene Dupree Calls Bubba Ray Dudley “The Real Life Eric Cartman”

Bubba Rady Dudley Cartman

Rene Dupree has fired back at Bubba Ray Dudley after the WWE Hall Of Famer admitted to slapping his tag team partner in the face backstage.

Dudley’s comments came on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, where alongside Dave LaGreca and Mark Henry the trio discussed occasions when things got “too real” inside the squared circle.

The WWE Hall of Famer initially recalled how he was to work with behind the scenes, saying that any disagreements were always business and never personal. Dudley then recalled the business he doled out to La Resistance’s Sylvain Grenier backstage:

“So one night in the ring, it was that time and me and D-Von just started laying it in a little bit. Then we come back through the curtain and one of the La Resistance guys goes to me [In French accent] ‘Urgh, what are you shooting on me for?! Don’t you know I am green?’ So I smacked him in his face.”

Now speaking on his Cafe de Rene podcast, Grenier’s tag team partner Rene Dupree has shot back at Bubba Ray Dudley, questioning Dudley’s credentials as a ring general:

“Blubber Ray Dudley is the real live version of Eric Cartman. If he doesn’t get his way. He bitches and moans and whines like a child. Understand, when he said that La Resistance was the sh*ts and they were green. The Dudley boys had one set match, one routine that they did over and over and over again.”

“Right. It wasn’t your standard psychology, it was smoke and mirrors. It was working for pops, as we say, okay, they had some gaga, and the exclamation point was what? D-von get the tables. SOS – Same old sh*t, that’s why they were there for five years. Understand. Yeah, you couldn’t tell blubber.”

Dupree continued:

“Mark (Bully Ray) can only have – if you were to say ‘Mark 20 minutes, this guy over a sunset flip,’ he wouldn’t know whether to wind his ass or scratch his watch. He does not know how to do that, I can do that. Yeah, in my first five or 600 matches in the arenas we had separate locker rooms, working for my dad, that’s the way I learned.”

“The problem with Mark is that he’s just that he’s a mark, he’s a mark for himself, his ego cost him more opportunities than anything. And he knows it. And what he did the Sly (Sylvain Grenier), punched him in the mouth, bloodied his nose. And then when Sly calmly said “Hey man come on, take it easy” [Bubba] slapped him across the face.”

“That was his nail in his coffin. You know why? Because Sly was Pat Patterson’s boy. Yeah. So that’s all I have to say about that.”

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