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Released WWE Star “Never Had A Meeting” With Vince McMahon In 8 Years

Vince McMahon

Many accomplished WWE Superstars have departed Vince McMahon’s company due to budget cuts this year, but not many had such a stop-start last year as Westin Blake. As Wesley Blake, the former NXT Tag Team Champion and Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finalist was called up to the SmackDown roster after seven years on the black and gold brand. However, despite his lengthy tenure, Blake says he never had a meeting” with

Speaking in an interview with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Westin Blake recalled his relationship – or lack thereof – with Vince McMahon, and working much more closely with Triple H and Shawn Michaels in NXT.

On whether he had a relationship with Vince McMahon regarding his SmackDown call-up or time on the sidelines after a Jaxon Ryker tweet allegedly halted his push, Westin Blake said he didn’t – but that the pandemic was partly to blame.

“No, I didn’t. I didn’t even… Like I said, it was a weird time where we got brought up during the pandemic. So we had a meeting [planned] with Vince prior, that WrestleMania that was going to be held in Tampa, we were going to fly to Connecticut – Ryker, Maclin and myself – and get the meeting with Vince and creative but, of course, with everything shut down, that got ixnayed. So we just went for it and they ended up debuting us but I never got to have a relationship with Vince McMahon.”

Blake added that he shook McMahon’s hand “maybe twice” and was told good job by the WWE CEO, but that he couldn’t get a meeting with Vince McMahon despite trying several times.

“I think I shook his hand maybe twice and that was when I was with the Knights of The Lone Wolf, and he was just telling me ‘good job’. Other than that, there was several times where Steve and I were out after the tweet, that we tried to have a meeting with him because, like everyone says, you have to get a meeting or you have to try to build a relationship with Vince McMahon in order to get in front of him to kind of see who you are type of stuff. Unfortunately, I never got that. I never got to have a meeting with him. I never got to sit with him and talk. All my stuff to Vince was through creative, through a writer, through Bruce Prichard type stuff, through the creative of SmackDown. That’s how he got to hear what Wesley Blake is or what Steve Maclin was.”

Speaking to his time in NXT, Blake recalled how he had a “good relationship” with Triple H, and could borrow his or Shawn Michaels’ ears to sound out creative ideas.

“But with Triple H, I had a good enough relationship where, down there in NXT, he always made himself very visible. He was always out at the ring know, going over finishes or going through entrances with people. So even to grab his ear for a minute or two just to go over a finish or go over a creative idea that you had for the group, it seemed better that way that – and plus you had Shawn Michaels down there who was his best friend and who was there at the Performance Center every day and getting to coach and getting to go through video sessions with him. So you kind of got Triple H’s mind and got to see his best friend and see his vision as well. NXT-wise, it was just very much easier for us to get to Triple H or at least get into his ear about what we wanted to do or a creative idea pitch.”

Thank you to Westin Blake for taking the time out to speak to us! You can follow Westin on Twitter and Instagram. You can read the interview in full here.