Recently Released WWE Star Teases Launch Of Adult Content Account

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A newly released WWE Superstar has teased that they might be getting ready to share some exclusive content with fans.

On April 29th, Stephanie De Landre, better known as Persia Pirotta, was released by WWE alongside nine other Superstars. The list of releases which all came from NXT included Dakota Kai, Dexter Lumis and Harland.

Posting on social media in the wake of her release, Pirotta has teased that she may following in the footsteps of other ex-WWE stars Toni Storm, Chelsea Green and Scarlett Bordeaux in creating an exclusive content account.

Toni Storm recently caused a stir online with the launch of her account back in March, which saw a huge number of subscriptions as soon as it went live.

Storm’s new page launched on March 19th, with a subscription setting fans back $19.99 per-month. Incredibly, the star racked up earnings in the region of $20,000 in just a handful of hours, her subscription figure has continued to rise in the months following the launch.

Persia Pirotta also took a second to respond to a recent segment on NXT 2.0 involving Indi Hartwell and Duke Hudson. Pirotta and fellow released star Dexter Lumis had all been involved in a long-running storyline which saw Pirotta and Hudson as rivals to InDex. However, the two couples recently got on the same page.

While the Spring Breakin’ episode of NXT 2.0 didn’t reference Lumis and Pirotta directly, it did feature a segment where Indi Hartwell stared forlornly at her left hand, which no longer contained a wedding ring. Duke Hudson approached her, also looking upset.

However, just when it seemed like the two could find solace in losing their partners, Hudson leaned in to kiss Indi Hartwell, who swiftly rejected his advance.

Taking to social media, Persia Pirotta responded to the segment in humorous fashion, saying:

“Dang the body isn’t even cold yet!”

Duke Hudson also had a humorous response to the segment, saying that it was “worth a shot.” NXT 2.0 has made it clear on their programming that Duke Hudson and Indi Hartwell have been romantically linked in the past, but that she is no longer interested in the fellow Australian.