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Released Star Wrestles On NXT After Confirming WWE Exit

NXT Two Dimes Troy Donovan Tony D'Angelo

Despite being released earlier in the week, one star wrestled on the latest episode of NXT.

On Sunday night, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that NXT’s Troy ‘Two Dimes’ Donovan was the latest star to be released from the company. However, unlike many previous releases, Donovan’s departure was not said to be due to budget cuts but was rather down to a “policy issue” according to Meltzer.

“Troy ‘Two Dimes’ Donovan of the D’Angelo family was let go yesterday [June 11]. This wasn’t a budget or creative decision, but a policy issue and he was told he may be brought back in a year.”

The star himself took to social media on the 13th and confirmed his release from the company, noting that mistakes happen and that he would be back.

“Thank you to everyone who’s reached out. Mistakes happen and lessons are learned. A bump in the road doesn’t define me though. I’ll be back”

As it turns out, the member of the D’Angelo family was back sooner than expected. On the latest episode of NXT, Tony D’Angelo promoted both Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo and Troy ‘Two Dimes’ Donovan from “associates” to “soldiers of the D’Angelo Family” in response to them helping the Family defeat Legado del Fantasma. The Legado members, who were forced to join the D’Angelo Family in the wake of NXT: In Your House, were instructed to help Stacks and Two Dimes in their match later in the night against Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

However, when Cruz del Toro tried to interfere and hit a cross body on Trick Williams, his intended target moved out of the way and Stacks got hit with the move instead, allowing Hayes and Williams to pick up the victory.

After the match, a frustrated Tony D’Angelo chastised the Legado del Fantasma members for failing to secure a victory for the Family. D’Angelo will face Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American Championship next week, and he made it clear that he expects the newest members of his crew to help him secure the victory and the championship.

It remains to be seen what this appearance means for Donovan’s future in the company.