Released Star Spotted At WWE Performance Center

WWE Recruits training in the Performance Center in Orlando

In August of 2022, WWE announced that they would be closing the NXT UK brand to make way for a new NXT Europe.

In the wake of the announcement, numerous NXT UK stars were released from their WWE contracts. Sha Samuels was one of multiple names released, and he quickly took to social media to confirm his exit from the sports entertainment giant, writing:

“I’m now REALLY skint. Thanks for the laughs and it was a joy. Appreciate the opportunity WWE”

Samuels began his career in 2014 and was a mainstay in the Glasgow-based Insane Championship Wrestling. He signed a contract with WWE in January of 2021 and originally debuted under the name Ed Harvey, but he quickly renounced that name following a loss to Joe Coffey. Samuels would form a partnership with Noam Dar, helping him win the NXT UK Heritage Cup back in October. Samuels’ final storyline saw him lose all of his money betting on Dar’s title retention over Mark Coffey.

Sha Samuels Was Spotted At The WWE Performance Center

Now, according to a new report from PWInsider Elite, Samuels has been spotted at the WWE Performance Center. The report does not note the nature of his visit on this occasion.

Back in March, Samuels took to social media to reveal that he’d been acting as a guest coach at the PC for a number of weeks. Writing about his experience, he said:

“Spent the last two weeks as a guest coach at the WWE Performance center in Orlando. Had an amazing time surrounded by great people”

Fellow former NXT UK star Eddie Dennis is also in the news as it was revealed he has been hired as a writer and producer in NXT.