Released NXT UK Star Had Very Recently Signed New Deal


A new report has claimed that a now released NXT UK star had only recently signed an extension to their WWE deal.

While there had been speculation surrounding the future of NXT UK for a number of weeks, the confirmation of the brand’s demise on August 18th still came as a surprise to many.

Following the cancellation of two recent tapings it was confirmed that NXT UK will be scrapped following one final outing in conjunction with NXT 2.0 titled Worlds Collide on September 4th. After the event the brand will be closed down and replaced by NXT Europe in 2023.

At time of writing there is currently no news on when the new NXT will be launching, or talent that may be involved.

After the end of NXT UK was confirmed, the majority of the roster where then released, with the exception of those who had recently appeared on the August 16th episode of NXT 2.0. You can find the full list of releases

A new report from Fightful Select has now offered some more background on the situation, including news that one released talent had only recently signed a new deal.

The report states that while those within the brand felt that change was coming, no one was quite prepared for how drastic the changes would be. With regard to the releases, some stars didn’t want to relocate to the United States while others felt it didn’t make financial sense to remain with WWE.

Fightful add that several UK promotors are hopeful that the free agent market will reinvigorate the British scene after it became restricted by the launch of NXT UK.

Interestingly, Flash Morgan Webster who had been side-lined with a lengthy injury, had only recently signed a new contract with the company.