Reggie Becomes Longest Reigning WWE 24/7 Champion In History

Reggie WWE

With so many titles, records and champions, it can be difficult to keep track of history-making moments, and one bizarre one has happened this week as Reggie, FKA Reginald, has become the longest-reigning WWE 24/7 Champion in the title’s history.

The belt has had many reigns since its inception in May 2019 – almost 150 of them actually – between the 48 different champions to have held the gold. While R-Truth is top by far with the most reigns, Reggie has just etched his name in the history books by surpassing the 70 day marks with the belt. While 70 days may not seem like a lengthy reign, it is when you consider all but 16 Superstars have held the 24/7 Championship for longer than one day.

Reginald defended the Championship on RAW this week, taking on Ricochet, and managed to keep hold of the gold after an athletic and acrobatic encounter with The One And Only.

Reggie bizarrely holds one other record, he’s the only Superstar to hold the Championship under two different names with one reign, casting off his “Reginald” moniker that he had used as Carmella’s sommelier upon his introduction to the WWE Universe. Reggie has since worked with the likes of Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, and even wrestled Sasha Banks on SmackDown.

Meanwhile, the current WWE 24/7 Champion’s name is the 48th on a list of champions that includes Ted DiBiase, Pat Patterson, Alundra Blayze, Rob Gronkowski, Enes Kanter and Bad Bunny.