Referee Lashes Out At Seth Rollins During WWE Live Event [Video]

Seth Rollins

WWE Referee Rod Zapata recently lashed out at Seth Rollins during a WWE Live Event in hilarious fashion.

WWE referees can end up being the punching bag for some of the WWE wrestlers. At times they get knocked over on accident or they are purposely targeted through anger when a wrestler doesn’t get their way.

“The Visionary” Seth Rollins has lashed out time and time again when he gets hot-headed, and his behavior at a weekend live event was no different.

At WWE’s Sunday Stunner Live Event in Atlantic City, NJ, Seth Rollins looked to pick a fight with the wrong guy. Being the bully that he is, Rollins backed up referee Rod Zapata into the corner and thumped him in between the eyes, resulting in Zapata lashing out on The Visionary.

Rod Zapata would then continuously charge at Seth Rollins, backing him up into multiple corners when he then suddenly released what seemed like a Roman Reigns howl, leaning his arms back and all. Throughout the chase around the ring, Rollins was trying to move out of Zapata’s reach, holding his arms up and surrendering.

The actions of Zapata were hilarious and many fans in attendance recorded the incident.

It seems as though Zapata’s “aggressive” response was too much for Rollins to handle as it looked like he learned his lesson towards the end.

The interaction between the two performers brought a good laugh to the audience and provided a special moment for those in attendance at the WWE Live Event which took place on Sunday, August 14th.