Recent WWE Signing Teases A “Big Change”

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Back in April, it was reported that former NXT Tag Team Champion Eric Young was once again signed to WWE.

According to the report from Fightful Select, Young re-signed with the company as far back as November 1st when his IMPACT Wrestling contract was through. However, he continued to appear on IMPACT programming in pre-taped segments, last appearing on the December 1st episode.

On that occasion, Young appeared in a vignette speaking with Cody Deaner about “eliminating the sickness” before the two get into an altercation that leads to Young being stabbed, presumably to death. This set up Deaner to lead Young’s group Violent by Design.

Despite having been under contract with the sports entertainment giant for a number of months, Young has yet to appear on WWE television. However, he recently took to social media to tease that a “big change” was coming soon and that he would see his fans “soon.”

“Time to work!!!! When the world hands you lemons…… we’ll you know the rest! See you all again real soon! BIG CHANGE COMING!!!”

Eric Young Once Told Vince McMahon “You’ve Failed” If He Couldn’t Find WWE TV Time For The Star

The last time Young was in the WWE, he found success as an NXT Tag Team Champion, but his SAnitY faction wasn’t nearly as heavily featured when they made their way to the main roster.

During a 2022 interview with Wrestling Epicenter, he detailed a conversation he had with Vince McMahon about the group’s lack of television time prior to his 2020 release.

“Everyone knows what happened main roster side. I’m not the first person they missed on, I’m not the last. There are no hard feelings over it. I’m not bitter. I told Vince McMahon this to his face ‘if you can’t find 5 minutes for me to do something, then you’ve failed!’”

“And I would say it to his face again. It is nothing personal. He’s always treated me kindly. He always made time to listen to me when I pitched ideas and he was complimentary to me early on.”

“Somewhere, he was busy producing a billion-dollar television show and he decided I wasn’t someone he was interested in so we went our separate ways. But I have no hard feelings. He’s a genius! Wrestling exists today because of his ruthless approach saying pro wrestling can be mainstream and it is.”

“I wouldn’t be sitting in this nice home in Nashville and be enjoying this great life unless it was for his persistence, his vision, and his promoting and belief that pro wrestling can be a mainstream product.” (h/t WrestlingInc)