Recent WWE Merchandise Leaves nWo Members “Frustrated”

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Sean Waltman's promo pic as The nWo

The classic nWo t-shirt is one of the most enduring pieces of wrestling merchandise.

First released by WCW back in 1996 to capitalise on the massive success of the New World Order, the shirt quickly became a top seller and can be seen in wrestling audiences to this day.

There have also been several variations of the shirt such as the Latino World Order version – which has recently been revived by WWE along with the Rey Mysterio-helmed group – and the all-red Wolfpac top representing the splinter faction of the group headed by Kevin Nash.

Recently eyebrows were raised when it became apparent that WWE had altered the shirt to add their logo to the bottom. This didn’t go down well with many fans, and as it turns out, members of the New World Order itself.

nWo members were unhappy with the change

According to a new report from Fightful Select, “numerous” members of the group are frustrated about the change, believing that including the logo undermines the “spirit of the shirt.”

WWE’s merchandise is now handled through Fanatics, and the company is said to have been made aware of these frustrations.

Fightful also said that this isn’t the first time the short has come under scrutiny, with the company having added its “authentic wear” tag to the bottom of the merchandise several years ago and receiving a similar reaction. There were also claims that the branding negatively affected sales of the top.

Seemingly, there has been consideration of removing the logo again, but there has been no word on this happening so far.