Recent AEW Signee Hits Out At Kane Over Controversial Drag Show Tweet

Kane is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2021

With the midterm elections coming up in the United States, one of the big issues that have been featured is the rights of LBGTQ+ Americans.

Those against it have been conservative politicians and pundits, who have taken shots at the drag community in particular — Mayor of Knox County, Glenn Jacobs (known as Kane in the world of wrestling), has also joined the party.

Kane Isn’t A Fan Of Drag

The former WWE Champion recent took to Twitter and posted his disagreement of all-age drag shows, which would draw a response from Mike Bennett — who recently made his debut in AEW and is a former Tag IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Champion.

“We took our 4 year old and 2 year old to a LGBTQ Festival here in the town I live in. There was a Drag Show. They had an absolute blast. They now refer to it as the Dragon Festival.” Bennett went on to note that his son likes to dress up in a tutu with his older sister and also play with monster trucks, concluding by saying “Let’s let kids be kids.”

Not long ago, Jacobs made the claim that he would “do everything [he] can” to prevent all-ages drag shows, and also mentioned how there isn’t a law currently in place where he could actually enforce anything at the moment.

This isn’t the first time that Jacobs has been under scrutiny for his conservative opinions. Earlier this year, the WWE Hall of Famer would be involved in a firestorm after he showed support towards Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly after the Russo-Ukrainian War broke out.

AEW’s “Hangman” Adam Page also took a jab at Kane, using a GIF to imply that Jacobs’ chair shots to the head over the years might have influenced his politics.

H/T Wrestling Inc.