Reason Why Naomi Hasn’t Returned To WWE Revealed?

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Naomi hasn’t wrestled since teaming with Sasha Banks at a WWE live event on May 15th, 2022.

24 hours later the two women walked out of an episode of Monday Night Raw while it was in progress and haven’t been back with the company since. However, while Sasha Banks has resumed her wrestling career as Mercedes Mone with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Naomi is yet to return to the ring.

Despite this, there have been reports for a number of months that there has been contact between the star and WWE, while one “higher up” was confident she would return. Other reports have gone as far as to say that she will definitely return, which only increased speculation around the Royal Rumble, but the show came and went without the star.

Interestingly, another of Naomi’s former tag team partners Adriane Andrew, better known as Cameron may have just revealed why. Speaking during a recent virtual signing for Golden Ring Collectibles, the ex-WWE Superstar said that Naomi is currently recovering from shoulder surgery.

“So, she (Trinity Fatu/Naomi) is recovering from shoulder surgery and you know, I want her to answer the question for herself (of what’s next for her). I know she’s recovering from shoulder surgery. But, I’m super proud of her. That’s my sister from another mister and I think you have to ask her for yourself how she’s feeling. See if her shoulder is feeling good because she’s recovering right now. Ask her that question.”

Naomi hasn’t appeared on WWE television since teaming with Sasha Banks to defeat Shayna Baszler and Natalya on the May 13th, 2022 edition of SmackDown.

Will Naomi Return To WWE?

The woman herself recently added to speculation on social media by removing any links to WWE from her Instagram bio. The star updated it in February to read “Just Trinity.”

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