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Reason Vince McMahon Made Jeff Hardy WWE Champion Revealed

Jeff Hardy WWE Champion

The reason WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was convinced to finally make Jeff Hardy WWE Champion has been revealed by a former WWE writer.

Hollywood star Freddie Prinze Jr. had two spells working for WWE, first as a part of the creative team between 2008 and 2009. Prinze Jr. explained to Ariel Helwani how he was tasked by long-time WWE producer Michael P.S. Hayes in elevating Jeff Hardy to the level of WWE Champion.

However, Prinze Jr. revealed that there were those with reservations in the company about Hardy’s reliability in that role. The Scooby-Doo star then explained how he made the case for Hardy to Vince McMahon:

“The only other ace in the sleeve that I kept that I didn’t use in the pitch because it was good enough to get over with Vince was Jeff’s merchandise sales and those armbands that looked like Spider-Man [webbing] and his t-shirts. At least the week that I presented them with was outselling everyone.”

“So I came out of the dark with that, and I said, ‘Listen, this guy’s merchandise is already the top-selling,’ and I showed them the numbers on that. And I said, ‘It’s outselling everyone it’s even outselling you, man,’ I said, ‘We got to take a chance now while we can strike now while everything is ready and perfect or they’re gonna stop believing.'”

In the end, McMahon decided to go with Hardy as champion and The Charismatic Enigma captured that crown for the first time at Armageddon in 2008 as he defeated Triple H and Edge.

h/t WrestleZone