Reason Behind The Undertaker’s Strangest Ever Ring Gear Revealed

The Undertaker

Throughout his Hall of Fame career, The Undertaker is best known for his Deadman character, dressed all in black with his signature hat and aura of menace. However, after suffering an injury in 1999 that kept him out of action for months, he returned in the summer of 2000 with a new persona as the American Badass was born.

The Undertaker‘s new persona saw him ride to the ring on his motorcycle and show more humanity than his previous incarnation, and at WWE Survivor Series 2000, he attempted to win the WWE Championship from Kurt Angle, who won the title during his first year in WWE.

The bout between the two isn’t remembered for its in-ring action; instead, most fans remember the mediocre match for The Undertaker’s odd choice in ring gear. While he chose to stick to all black gear for most of his time as the American Badass, this occasion saw Undertaker sport a gaudy pair of snakeskin pants, a move that was heavily criticized by fans as seeming out of character for the star.

The Godfather Debunked Rumors That The Undertaker Borrowed His Snakeskin Pants At Survivor Series 2000

For years, it was rumored that The Undertaker borrowed the snakeskin trousers from longtime friend and fellow Bone Street Krew member The Godfather after his luggage was lost. However, speaking to a fan in a video posted on Reddit, The Godfather was adamant that the rumor was false and that Undertaker had the gear made himself as he was trying to change his image.

“Let’s debunk this right now. Those are not my pants. Undertaker had those made, he was trying something, it didn’t work. He always said, to this day he says it was one of the biggest mistakes he made, but those were not my pants, so… not my pants!”

The Godfather has debunked the rumor on multiple occasions, also sharing a photo in a 2020 Instagram post to illustrate that his own snakeskin suit was different to the trousers worn by The Undertaker at Survivor Series 2000.

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