Bizarre Reason Randy Savage Got Banned From Miss Elizabeth’s Family Home

Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth

Jake Roberts has revealed that Randy Savage was once banned from his wife’s family home after her parents misunderstood one particularly famous angle.

In 1991 Randy Savage and his wife Miss Elizabeth became wrapped up in a feud with Jake Roberts and The Undertaker. The angle eventually saw Savage lobby to be reinstated to the WWF roster after he had been forced to retire as part of a storyline involving the Ultimate Warrior earlier that year.

After Savage was famously bitten by Robert’s King Cobra, WWF President Jack Tunney finally reinstated the Macho Man leaving him free to wrestle Roberts at This Tuesday In Texas.

Although Savage won the match, Roberts got his retribution after the bell by hitting him with his legendary DDT three times. With the former World Champion out of action, Jake “The Snake” slapped Miss Elizabeth in front of a stunned crowd.

Speaking on his podcast DDP Snake Pit, Roberts has now revealed that the angle led to Savage being banned from Elizabeth’s family home. Her family believed that wrestling, and the slap Roberts delivered was “real,” and promptly took Savage to task over the angle.

“Elizabeth, her family, they were country people,” Roberts said. “They didn’t know that wrestling wasn’t real. They believed. When I slapped Elizabeth, they lost their s**t. Randy went to go home [sic] to see the family and they wouldn’t let him in the house. They actually threatened him, ‘Get the hell off our property. You lied to us. You said our little girl would never get hurt, and she got slapped by that no-good son of a b***h Jake Roberts.'”

Roberts and Savage continued to wrestle at live events with the Macho Man becoming more heated and violent in the ring in an effort to show Elizabeth’s family he was getting revenge on the man who hit their daughter.

“What [did] that do for me? Well, every night that I got in the ring with Randy, I’m trying to save my own a** because he’s coming at me like wildfire. He’s wanting to show his family that he’s kicking my a**. It was brutal, man, so that’s why they hurried up and put us [Roberts and The Undertaker] together because Randy was having so many problems at home. They needed to finish that off.”

The feud came to an end in February 1992, with Randy Savage entering a feud with Ric Flair, leaving Roberts to face his former ally The Undertaker at WrestleMania VIII.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.