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Reason Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Best Friends Isn’t On AEW Full Gear Revealed


With the AEW Full Gear card incredibly stacked, it’s no surprise that some stars have to miss out on the night, and one of the more surprising omissions, is that of Miro! Having only arrived in the company less than two months ago, and being thrust right into a storyline with Kip, which then brought in Best Friends, many would have imagined the Best Man might be due for his AEW pay-per-view debut this weekend.

However, in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s noted why the match isn’t on the card. WON has revealed that the reason for the omission of Miro & Kip Sabian vs Best Friends is quite simply to keep that storyline as a long-term Dynamite program, similar to Best Friends vs Santana & Ortiz and Darby Allin vs Ricky Starks.

Miro would hint at as much while discussing his change of demeanour from his debut in an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes.

“I came in and I had nothing but good intentions. I was a nice guy! As you said, I had my Mickey Mouse shirt. I just wanted to have fun because, after so long at one place, I just wanted to go out there and live for the moment. The next thing you know, you know, Kip is there. I give him a wedding present. I give him this arcade. I don’t know if you seen that, but I gave him this arcade…

“We have this cabinet – far away from the ring, far away from the ring. So I’ve been wrestling for quite a few years now, and I decided, you know, there’s the ring, there’s the area outside the ring – you can fight there, fine – then you have a barricades, then you have 20 people watching around the ring, and then you have another 15 yards, and then it’s the arcade. The next thing you know, they go and break my s**t!

“Now, I may be a nice guy, but once you damage – on purpose – a personal property, and not just a personal property, it’s a gift. It’s a gift for the man’s first wedding. He’s in love, man! And you’re going to break that. Well, that’s not going to go unnoticed or unpunished. It’s very unfortunate it had to come down to this way, but like I said, we don’t just wake up mad all the time. I was a nice, happy guy, but this definitely was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

You can read the entire interview here.

Thanks to Miro for taking the time, and to All Elite Wrestling for setting up the chat. You can follow Miro on Twitter here and on Twitch here. You can watch Miro on AEW Dynamite every Wednesday at 1 am via Fite TV.

AEW Full Gear will be available live via Fite TV on Saturday, November 7th.