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“I Want To Be The Reason The Female Demographic Goes Up” – AEW Star

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Wardlow has voiced his intention to be the main reason AEW’s female demographic increases as he edges closer to championship glory.

Wardlow has been coming out to booming ovations from audiences ever since he finally turned face on MJF earlier this year. Since squashing ‘The Salt of the Earth’ at Double or Nothing in May, the former Pinnacle heavy has been gradually moving into the TNT Title picture.

In a recent interview with Blake Oestreicher for Forbes, ‘Mr Mayhem’ revealed some rather lofty goals he has set himself in AEW. The big man cited a keen interest in appealing to female viewers as well as the broad, ever-coveted 18-49 demographic in general:

I’m very in tune with numbers, and my main goal for AEW is, I want to be the reason we have more viewers. I want to be the reason the female viewership goes up. I want to be the reason that 18-49 demographic goes up. I want to be the reason our ratings are higher.”

The powerbomb symphony enthusiast went on to discuss his status as an AEW original. Despite his rising star status now, the big man was an unknown prospect when he first arrived as MJF’s menacing bodyguard in 2019. Reflecting on how far he’s come since then, Wardlow said:

“I’m very proud to say that I’m really an AEW original and an AEW homegrown [star]. I mean, nobody knew of me outside of the Pittsburgh/Ohio area. Maybe a handful of people in Chicago where I worked, but other than that, nobody knew me.

I think it was beneficial for me to build myself from the ground up in AEW.

I know with CM Punk coming to our company, that’s just a million more eyes on me also and on our company and on our product, and it’s only going to help us to grow. And in the end, once we grow, the guys that are taking the backseat are going to start getting more opportunities.

It takes some patience, but it’s also for the betterment of the company.”

While it’s still early days in Wardlow’s march to main events, his connection with the All Elite faithful is undeniable. An old school powerhouse who garnered considerable fan sympathy during his MJF feud, Wardlow has the look and charisma of a top card talent.

Perhaps taking down current TNT Champion Scorpio Sky is his imminent next step in becoming AEW’s second Demo God.