Reason Behind CM Punk’s Shock AEW Return Revealed

CM Punk

With every passing day, it appears that a CM Punk return to AEW is becoming more and more inevitable.

When Punk finally left the Now Arena on September 4th, 2022 after admonishing a number of top AEW stars in the post-All Out media scrum, and then brawling with The Elite backstage, such a move seemed unthinkable. However, it has often been said that there is no bridge that can’t be rebuilt if there’s money to be made, especially in wrestling.

On April 13th it was reported that plans were underway for Punk to return to the company, despite another outburst on social media just a few weeks earlier. Although Chris Jericho is reportedly willing to work with Punk to resolve their issues, it was noted that The Elite feels very differently.

Reports of Punk’s return coincided with more news on a new AEW show coming on Saturday nights. It is believed that Punk will be the star of the new show, as AEW launches something of a roster split in a bid to keep backstage drama to a minimum.

According to one new report, Punk’s return and the launch of the new show might not be a coincidence after all. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that AEW’s broadcast partner Warner Bros Discovery pushed for the star to be brought back.

“Multiple people have said that WBD wanted Punk back as the star of the new Saturday show, although others have been told differently. We do know that he was extremely important in this deal but whether the deal was incumbent on him, we’ve hard both ways.

One person outside the company has seen correspondence indicating that WBD definitely wanted him back and other things that have happened in recent weeks very much behind-the-scenes have indicated to us that Punk being back is, if nothing else, very significant in everything.”

CM Punk To Face Chris Jericho In Comeback

Following the news that CM Punk is coming back to AEW it was revealed that the star is set to meet with Chris Jericho, FTR, Tony Khan, and potentially others. While it is common knowledge that Punk and Jericho have a contentious relationship, the latter is said to be open to doing business.

It has been reported that Jericho will be Punk’s first opponent when he returns either in a singles match or involving FTR and the Jericho Appreciation Society.