“I Was Really Happy When I Got Fired” – Miro On WWE Exit


AEW star Miro has explained why his overwhelming emotion when he got fired from WWE was one of sheer happiness.

Before he was All Elite, Miro competed for several years in WWE as the menacing Rusev. During his time in the company, The Bulgarian Brute captured the United States Championship, had a memorable feud with John Cena which included making a WrestleMania entrance in a tank, and celebrated Rusev Day every day.

However, his time in the company, somewhat unexpectedly, came to an end in April 2020 when he was let go due to budget cuts.

Since then, the former Rusev has re-emerged as Miro in AEW where he has captured the TNT Championship and is currently embroiled in a situation with The House of Black.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Miro discussed how he felt when he was fired by WWE and says he was delighted with the news:

“I was really happy when I got fired [from the WWE], I was delighted… I was elated. I kind of lashed out for about five seconds just because the timing was bad with COVID and everything, plus my wife still being there [in the WWE] I was concerned. But I was happy, I knew I was going to be fine because I knew I am good.”

Miro was then asked if he knew then what he wanted to do in his future and he confirmed that both AEW and NJPW were immediately on his radar:

“Yeah, I wanted AEW and New Japan for sure. I love wrestling, as much as I want to do movies and I try to do that as well, professional wrestling is so much fun there is nothing like it… but the backstage bullsh*t politics is just *sighs*.”

Miro also explained during the interview how a leak from TMZ cost him an Intercontinental Championship reign in WWE.

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