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Real Reason WWE Buried Stephanie McMahon Revealed

Stephanie McMahon

A new report has revealed why Stephanie McMahon was subject to so much negative publicity after announcing her WWE leave of absence.

Stephanie McMahon has been around professional wrestling and WWE since she was a small child. In fact, she has worked for WWE in a variety of different on-screen and backstage roles her entire adult life. So naturally, when she announced she was taking a leave of absence, it was big news.

Interest increased, when after McMahon made her announcement, numerous reports including quotes from “WWE insiders” that she had actually been pushed towards the exit as a result of poor performance.

The speculation was compounded on June 15th, when it was reported that her father, Vince McMahon was being investigated by WWE’s board of directors over allegations that he paid $3 million to a former employee with whom he had previously had an affair.

McMahon has since stepped back from his role WWE and Chairman of the Board, and been replaced by Stephanie on an interim basis.

Prior to the announcement, Dave Melter noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that attempts to discredit Stephanie may have been a tactic to preserve WWE’s stock price. On paper, her out of the blue departure would look like there was trouble within the company, however, if she was found to be not performing, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

“One person with extensive knowledge of that aspect of the story said that they believed Stephanie McMahon being buried was a pre-emptive move to preserve the stock price. To the outside world, the idea of Vince McMahon’s daughter and the her apparent to the top position in the company leaving the company she’s worked for her entire adult life would sound like something is wrong with the company.

So they leak out that she underperformed at her job and her father pushed her out so that would explain that there wasn’t anything wrong, she was just not good at her job.”

In a statement on WWE’s corporate website, Vince McMahon pledged to cooperate with the investigation and accept any findings.

Despite stepping back from his corporate role, Vince McMahon will retain his responsibilities related to WWE’s creative content.