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Locker Room Reaction To Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch’s Backstage Altercation Revealed

Becky Lynch punches Charlotte Flair in the ring

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s reported backstage dispute over the title exchange segment that went awry is the talk of the wrestling world.

A new report from PWTorch has emerged revealing the reaction of the other members of the WWE roster.

According to the report multiple sources the majority of the roster stand by Lynch and even branded her a “hero” for confronting Flair.

The support allegedly comes from Becky Lynch being well-liked and respected backstage and Flair’s actions in the segment was the “final straw” after “a string of other issues she’s been having.”

The report further states that sources disclosed that Flair has “alienated her colleagues backstage with attitude issues” and become “increasingly difficult to work with” by isolating herself behind the scenes.

Another source reportedly claimed that “no other women want to work with her now.”

Leading up to the altercation it is said that Lynch and Flair’s friendship had become fractured over the past year. Tensions between Lynch and Flair began a couple of year’s ago when The Man called The Queen “plastic” in a promo.

The two multiple-time champions have a long history having wrestled many times. They were once great friends and members of the legendary Four Horsewomen of WWE.

It was also reported that after the altercation Flair was escorted from the building in order to avoid another confrontation between the two.