RAW Women’s Title Triple Threat Match Announced For SummerSlam

Nikki A.S.H Win's RAW Women's Championship

Nikki A.S.H will defend her newly won RAW Women’s Title in a Triple Threat against two former champions at SummerSlam.

After winning the RAW Women’s Title as RAW went off the air a week ago, Nikki A.S.H opened the July 26th episode of the show. The new champion saluted the fans and explained how she used to be scared of failure. That is until she donned her superhero outfit, and became confident enough to take on anyone. Adding that anyone can beat the odds just like her if people believe in themselves.

At this former champion Charlotte Flair swaggered to the ring saying that she deserved a rematch after Nikki got lucky. Flair went on to blame the fans for the situation, explaining that Nikki could never be taken seriously as champion.

Rhea Ripley then arrived on scene to continue the verbal sparring. Ripley said that Charlotte knew she was going to lose her title to her last week so deliberately got herself disqualified. Nikki quickly shot back questioning why both women assumed they could beat her, saying that the butterfly on her gear represented the change coming through the women’s division.

The three women were joined by Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. The two authority figures attempted to take charge of the situation. It was then announced that the three women would meet at SummerSlam in a Triple Threat Match for the championship.

Nikki A.S.H claimed the RAW Women’s Championship after pinning Charlotte Flair as RAW went off the air on July 19th. After Flair was disqualified during her rematch with Rhea Ripley, the Aussie attacked the champion after the bell. This left the door open for Nikki to cash in her Money In The Bank contract. With a cross-body from the top rope, Nikki pinned Flair to claim her maiden WWE singles title.