Tearful Raw Star Wins Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

WWE Money In The Bank

Through chaos, broken ladders and broken bodies, and emotional winner emerged from the women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

The match began at a frantic pace with only Becky Lynch and Asuka left in the ring. The two former champions wasted little time in getting acquainted, before Asuka took control. However, her dominance was short-lived as Raquel Rodriguez used her superior power to dominate, delivering a double-suplex on Lynch and Liv Morgan onto a ladder.

After more carnage, Lacey Evans, Rodriguez and Morgan found themselves all within touching distance of the briefcase, but neither woman was able to score the win. Instead, Morgan hit a death-defying Sunset Powerbomb on Evans over the top of Rodriguez.

The action continued at a break-neck pace as Rodriguez and Asuka battled to the outside, but the exchange ended with Becky Lynch hitting a huge Leg Drop from the top of a ladder onto Asuka who was laying on another ladder between the ring and the announce desk.

In the end it came down to old rivals Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan. With the Irish star heading for victory, Morgan cut her off setting up a ladder of her own. Lynch attempted to push Morgan over but she put her foot on the top rope to bounce back into the middle of the ring, knocking Big Time Becks to the floor.

This left Morgan free to unhook the briefcase and claim a tearful win.

Liv Morgan will be looking to follow in the footsteps of Nikki A.S.H who claimed victory in the 2021 edition of the match before going on to win the Raw Women’s Championship by pinning Charlotte Flair.