Raw Star Abandons Dangerous Finishing Move

Mustafa Ali Top Rope with Raw Logo

Fans of Monday Night Raw won’t be seeing a certain star’s spectacular finishing move again with that Raw star explaining exactly why.

Mustafa Ali only returned to WWE screens in late April after the star spent six months on the sidelines after publicly revealing he had asked for his release from the company, following reports of a heated argument with Vince McMahon.

Since his return, Ali has lost more matches than he won but that has been in large part due to the shenanigans of both The Miz and current US Champion Theory. Mustafa Ali challenged Theory for his title at Hell In A Cell but Vince McMahon’s protege was able to overcome the former RETRIBUTION leader.

One change since Mustafa Ali has returned is the absence of his former finishing move, the 054. Ali previously used the inverted version of the 450 splash to great effect but has now revealed on social media why he has ditched the high-risk maneuver, saying that the risk wasn’t worth the reward.

Mustafa Ali recently put away his former RETRIBUTION teammate T-BAR with the more conventional version of the 450 splash on WWE Main Event. Unfortunately for Ali, he couldn’t recreate that success on the 13th of June episode of Monday Night Raw when he was defeated by Chad Gable.