Raw Match Ended Due To WWE’s “Secret Rule”

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A match on Monday Night Raw came to a controversial end in San Antonio and now it appears to have been stopped due to a “secret rule” in WWE.

On Monday Night Raw, AJ Styles and The Miz’s feud continued with the new twist of Miz being backed up by his new ally, former NXT Champion Ciampa. A verbal confrontation inevitably ended in a tag team match with Ezekiel taking his place as Styles’ partner for the night.

The end of the match saw Ciampa and The Miz disqualified when Ciampa interfered in the goings-on in the ring but since he was a part of the bout, many felt the finish left a bitter taste.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained the unusual finish to the match happening because of a secret WWE rule:

“It’s the secret rule. There’s a secret rule in WWE that in a tag match you only get one save and this was the second save. So therefore it’s a DQ.”

Meltzer’s co-host Bryan Alvarez added that there is another lesser-discussed rule when it comes to WWE tag team matches as well:

“The announcers explained it as the illegal man attacked the legal man and technically the other secret rule in tag matches is if you are the illegal man you can’t touch the legal man. But the hidden part of the hidden rule is you can break up a pin.”

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