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Raw Crossovers With NXT Reportedly Set To Occur Regularly

Raw NXT 2.0 Dolph Ziggler Tommaso Ciampa

A recent report indicates that crossovers between Monday Night Raw and NXT 2.0 are likely to continue.

Since the shift from the black and gold era to the brightly colored NXT 2.0, it’s not uncommon to see stars move between between NXT and Monday Night Raw. The first instance of this took place when Grayson Waller called out AJ Styles on social media, leading to Styles making his way to NXT to confront the brash upstart. The two traded words and fists for weeks on both men’s home programs before the feud culminated in a match on the January 11th episode of NXT that saw AJ Styles victorious.

In recent weeks, former World Champion Dolph Ziggler has found himself at odds with both Tommaso Ciampa and current NXT Champion Bron Breakker. After hearing that Breakker had called him out on social media for not working Tuesdays, Ziggler made his way to the Performance Center to confront the champion and assert interest in obtaining the brand’s championship since he’d never held that belt.

Tommaso Ciampa took offense at Ziggler’s comments running down his home brand, and on the February 21st episode of Raw, Ciampa teamed with the returning Finn Balor to take on the Dirty Dawgs, which consists of Ziggler and his partner Robert Roode. Ciampa was able to score a pinfall victory over Roode, and the next night, Ziggler squared off one on one with Ciampa on Ciampa’s home turf for an opportunity at a title shot.

In the end, someone dressed as a cameraman hit Ciampa over the head and secured the win for Ziggler. It was revealed that the mystery assailant was none other than Robert Roode, making his return to the brand for the first time since debuting on the main roster in 2017.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about these recent crossovers and said that they are set to continue as the strategy is for there to be more cross-pollination within WWE.

“The idea is to always have a main roster guy, preferably from the Raw side, doing an angle on NXT. You do the angle on both Raw and NXT, with the idea of that’s one of the ways to build up the NXT rating.”

Dolph Ziggler’s part in this crossover is not over as due to his win over Ciampa, he’s set to face Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship at Stand & Deliver.