Rare Footage Shows A Young William Regal Attempting A Moonsault [VIDEO]

William Regal

A video has surfaced on social media showing William Regal going out of his comfort zone to try a moonsault against a Japanese wrestling legend.

Over the course of his career, William Regal utilised a stiff brawling style alongside an array of submission holds to become one of the most well-respected veterans of the squared circle.

During his time in WCW in the mid-1990s when he was known as Lord Steven Regal, the star took part in several shows in Japan, this included one bout with the legendary Keji Mutoh in Tokyo.

During the match, Regal made an ill-advised decision to try to use Mutoh’s own signature move, the moonsault, against him. 27 years later, the footage has resurfaced on social media and William Regal has admitted the move was “unrecognisable” as a moonsault.

“Can’t believe this has turned up. The only time I tried a moonsault. I’ve told you that as it’s unrecognizable as one. Not my strong suit!!!!Where has 27 years gone!!!!”

Even though the moonsault is best forgotten, the match itself was a classic battle between the two men which William Regal kept mostly on the ground.

Despite his best efforts, however, Mutoh was able to get the upper hand and pin the young Englishman after his own moonsault which saw him leaping halfway across the ring to land on his foe.