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Raquel Rodriguez’s Finisher Seemingly Gets New Name

Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez’s finishing move has seemingly been renamed after sparking controversy in recent weeks.

On the May 20th edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Raquel Rodriguez continued her momentum since moving to the main roster. In a short bout lasting under three minutes, the former NXT Women’s Champion saw off the challenge of Shotzi to pick up a relatively straightforward win.

However, as Rodriguez drilled Shotzi to the canvas with her signature Chingona Bomb, on commentary, Michael Cole’s audio noticeably dipped out.

It was later revealed that the censoring had been deliberate. It transpires that the while “Chingona” effectively means “badass woman,” a variation of the word, also means “f*ck.”

Bryan Alvarez, speaking on the Bryan & Vinny Show offered an explanation after SmackDown.

There’s a famous saying in Spanish that many people know, I won’t say it here but I’ll say the English translation ‘F**k your mother’. So Raquel Gonzalez (Rodriguez) has a move called the Chingona Bomb and the word ‘Chingona’ is like a headstrong female.”

“But I believe the folks at FOX heard Chingona Bomb and thought it was the F**k You Bomb or F**k Your Bomb or something like that. So every time she does this move and the announcers call it, they bleeped it on SmackDown Friday.”

In response, it now appears that WWE have renamed the move “The Texana,” with announcers calling it as such on the most recent episode of the show.

Raquel Rodriguez signed with WWE in 2016, where she initially appeared as Reina Gonzalez. Under this moniker, the star competed in the 2017 and 2018 Mae Young Classic tournaments being eliminated in the first round on both occasions.

It wasn’t until the Texas native returned to NXT under the name Raquel Gonzalez in early 2020 that she really began to make an impact.

The star went on to win the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles twice, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and the NXT Women’s Title before being called-up to the main roster in April 2022.