Raquel Rodriguez On Potentially Reuniting With Dakota Kai

Raquel Rodriguez and Dakota Kai

Raquel Rodriguez hopes to one day reunite with Dakota Kai on the WWE main roster.

Before her tag team with Aliyah on SmackDown, Raquel Rodriguez had a close relationship with Dakota Kai on NXT. The two held the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships twice and won the 2021 Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

While Kai would be released back in April, Rodriguez would find herself on SmackDown battling against the likes of Ronda Rousey, Sonya Deville, and more. For a while, it seemed as if fans wouldn’t see these two former NXT Women’s Tag Champions tagging with one another again. That all changed when Kai made her shocking return at SummerSlam as part of Bayley’s new stable.

During her appearance at the WrestleMania 39 launch party at Sofi Stadium, Rodriguez spoke about her former tag partner’s recent return and whether she could potentially team up with her again somewhere down the line.

“I’m so excited and happy for her because she is an absolute superstar. The things that girl does and the way that she just moves and walks with confidence. I learned so much from her just by being under her wing for so long.”

“You know what, I mean, she’s been just a big part of my career as well. So seeing her on ‘Raw’ just makes me absolutely happy. Am I a little bit sad that she’s not on ‘SmackDown?’ Yes, but you know what she’s out there, and she’s killing it. Maybe somewhere down the road, we will reunite at some point. I hope.”

Rodriguez and Kai are involved in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. While Rodriguez is teaming with Aliyah on SmackDown, Kai has formed a partnership with Iyo Sky(formerly Io Shirai). The two recently advanced in the tournament after defeating Tamina and Dana Brooke on Raw.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez and Aliyah defeated Shotzi and Xia Li to advance in the tournament. It’ll be interesting to see whether Rodriguez and Kai will face one another in the finals.

H/t – Wrestling Inc.