Raquel Rodriguez Chooses Her New Tag Team Partner On WWE Raw

WWE Raquel Rodriguez

On the April 10th episode of Monday Night Raw, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez became the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions when they defeated Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus for the titles.

The victory came after Trish Stratus stood in for Lita, who was found attacked backstage. However, Stratus would later reveal that she was the one to attack Lita, and also launched into an attack on Lynch after intentionally losing the titles to Rodriguez and Morgan.

The new champs were set to defend their titles against Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green on the May 15th episode of Raw, but the match was scrapped when it was revealed that Liv Morgan had suffered an injury on the previous edition of SmackDown as she and her partner defended their titles against Damage CTRL.

While it was initially believed that Morgan wouldn’t be out of action for long, it was later announced that her injury forced the company to vacate the titles. It’s believed Morgan may require surgery after injuring her shoulder in the match.

Raquel Rodriguez Will Team With Shotzi On WWE Raw

With the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships vacated, it was announced that a new set of tag champs would be crowned on the May 29th episode of Raw in a fatal four way match that would include the teams of Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey as well as Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green. As Dakota Kai was also injured on the May 12th episode of SmackDown, Bayley is set to team with IYO SKY.

Raquel Rodriguez was also announced for the match, though she was without a partner for the bout and was given the chance to choose a new teammate. Following Rodriguez’ defeat over Sonya Deville on the May 22nd episode of Raw, Deville and Chelsea Green attacked the former champion. However, Shotzi made the save to even the score for Raquel.

Shotzi and Rodriguez appeared together in a backstage segment later in the show, making it clear that they had each other’s backs. Rodriguez revealed that she’d made her choice and will team with Shotzi next week as she attempts to capture tag team gold once again.