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Raquel Gonzalez Would Rather Steve Austin Cut A Promo On Her Than Get A Lap Dance

Raquel Gonzalez as NXT Women's Champion

After Adam Scherr, Raquel Gonzalez and her dad visited a strip club in search of a quality meal, the former Braun Strowman has dropped the bombshell about Gonzalez’ preferences.

In a frankly stunning post on social media, Adam Scherr has described a scene which wouldn’t have looked out of place in an early 2000’s, straight-to-DVD comedy starring Adam Sandler.

The giant former Universal Champion initially explained that he had taken his girlfriend Raquel Gonzalez and her father to a strip club for a nice steak dinner. While the decision to seek out a steak dinner in such an establishment would be seen as an incredibly bold move by many, the fact that Scherr was sharing this quest with his girlfriend and father in law, demonstrates that he is clearly a fearless man.

Scherr continued by saying that he had tried to get Gonzalez to get a dance. A noble offer, certainly, but it appears that the NXT star was less than enthusiastic. In fact, so diminished was her excitement, she said that she would rather have Stone Cold Steve Austin cut a promo on her than get a dance. Presumably because there would be less glitter involved.

Steve Austin’s thoughts on the scenario are currently unclear.

In recent weeks the social media feeds of Adam Sherr have become something of a journey for any potential reader. The former WWE Superstar posted earlier in the month, toasting his “Beef Queen” Gonzalez, with the caption “yes we have sex.”

Back in the ring, Raquel Gonzalez was last in action at NXT New Year’s Evil. However, the second generation wrestler was unsuccessful in trying to recapture her NXT Women’s Championship. Gonzalez had previously held the title for six months in 2021 after defeating Io Shirai at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver in April.