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Randy Orton’s Wife Reveals What Makes Him Cry

Randy Orton Stephanie McMahon

Randy Orton’s wife has revealed a more sensitive side of The Viper and described what makes the new Raw Tag Team Champion cry.

It was Randy Orton that almost had his tag team partner Riddle in tears on Raw after the duo captured the Raw Tag Team Championship for a second time.

After the match, Randy Orton made it clear that he was having the most fun he’s ever had in his career alongside Riddle, and even called Riddle his friend, something he says he’d not said in his twenty years in wrestling. Orton added that he has no friends besides Riddle and that he’s excited that the two are going to WrestleMania 38 together.

With Orton showing a cuddlier side, his wife Kim has revealed what brings a tear to Randy Orton’s eye on her Wives of Wrestling podcast. According to Kim, the Legend Killer wells up whenever he’s watching a certain Disney blockbuster:

“Anthony laughs at him all the time. Anthony’s 11, so when he sees Randy crying during Moana, he’s like, ‘are you crying again, Randy? Like, we’ve seen this movie 30 times.’”

“He cries when [Moana is] on the boat with her grandmother and her grandmother is telling her, ‘You got this. You were chosen for a reason.’ Then he starts, ‘I wonder what our kids are gonna be when they grow up.’ It’s the cutest thing.”

h/t Fightful