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Randy Orton’s Reaction After WWE Move Ban Revealed

Randy Orton

A former WWE writer has cast light on how Randy Orton reacted after WWE made the decision to ban one of his most devastating moves.

For several years Randy Orton proved himself at his dangerous best when he chillingly ditched his popular RKO and began finishing off opponents, rivals, and even John Cena’s dad with a vicious punt kick to the head.

As time moved on, however, WWE outlawed the move in 2012 with Orton only using the punt very sparingly in the decade since.

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, former WWE writer Matt McCarthy recalled Randy Orton’s reaction to the ban and wasn’t too happy about giving up his devastating move:

“The feeling was if he does it as a shoot, he’s kicking someone full-blast in the head and we can’t do that. If he works it, it looks awful and we can’t do that. So now Randy doesn’t get to do his punt kick at all. And for months after this, any time you brought any creative to The Apex Predator, he would look at it and go, ‘So we can do this but I can’t do my punt kick?”

“I remember that time specifically he’s laying on the floor reading the script and I’m just squatted down, he goes, ‘So he can talk about killing my dad but I can’t use my punt kick?’ I looked at him, I go, ‘Randy, I have no answers for you, okay? This is what we’re doing tonight.’”

h/t Sportskeeda