Randy Orton Reveals That He “Worries” About Reggie’s In-Ring Style


Randy Orton has revealed that he’s advised Monday Night Raw’s resident acrobat Reggie to tone down his high-flying in-ring style.

Despite an injury hit start to his WWE career, Randy Orton has enjoyed a full-time in-ring career which has lasted for two decades. As a testament to his longevity and durability, Orton has won World Championship’s in three different decades and wrestled more matches on WWE pay-per-views than anyone else in history.

As Orton becomes one of the locker room elder statesman, he had begun to pass on his knowledge and experience on to the next generation. Speaking on The Ringer Wrestling Show, The Viper revealed how he believes in a “less is more” policy when it comes to performing in the ring.

Furthermore, he explained that he worries about Reggie and his high-flying style, which might cause him to get injured before his career really takes off. Interestingly, Orton said that his perspective on longevity comes from fellow WWE legend John Cena.

“It gets highly, highly difficult to remember all that and when you watch it back, you’ll never have a chance as a fan to sit down and digest anything you’ve seen. Damn it, I love Reggie, he’s a local St. Louisan like myself, but I worry about that kid. He’s doing these flips, his knees are going to blow out before he even goes out and gets to work with anybody. There’s something to be said about longevity in this sport, in this business. I learnt a lot of that from John (Cena),”

Reggie last appeared on WWE television on the January 17th episode of Monday Night Raw where he was destroyed by Omos.

While John Cena himself is currently tucked back in Hollywood after his SummerSlam exertions, Orton also looks set for some time away from the ring. Despite being featured heavily in the build-up to the recent Royal Rumble, a report has claimed that Orton will now be taking a step back for “little while.”

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.