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Randy Orton Reveals He Tried To Get “Embarrassing” Tattoo Of Goldberg

Randy Orton Goldberg

The tattooed physique of Randy Orton is one of the most eye-catching in WWE today, but he very nearly incorporated a tattoo of Goldberg in his collection.

Having been with WWE since 2001, fans have witnessed the physical look of Randy Orton change drastically over the past 21 years, going from a fresh-faced youngster to a cold and calculated grappler covered in tattoos. Orton’s ink is some of the greatest in WWE history, with the tribal design on his back deemed the fifth-best in company history.

‘The Viper’ got his first tattoo when he was 18-years-old, but he originally went into the tattoo parlour with a different idea in mind than what he left with. Speaking to Ryan Satin on Out Of Character, Randy Orton revealed that he insisted on getting a tattoo of WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg before being talked out of it (h/t Sportskeeda):

“As a wrestling fan in my teenage years in high school, I loved Goldberg, so I actually, my first tattoo, I went into the tattoo shop and I told the guy I wanted the Goldberg tattoo. I swear to god. Well, so I’m not ‘The Legend Killer’, ‘The Viper’, you know… I’m 18. I can get some ink now and I want to look tough da** it.

So Goldberg’s my guy and I’m an idiot [laughter]. So you know, the tattoo artist said ‘How about, let’s come up with something that’s just for you,’ So okay, that’s a good idea. And so you know, some version, one of this was born. But anyway, I forgot what we were talking about. I don’t know if I’ve ever told that story before, because it’s pretty embarrassing that I would even… but, yeah, there you go.”

Randy Orton’s tattoos were previously involved in a lawsuit, filed against WWE and everyone involved in the making of WWE’s video game series by Orton’s tattoo artist Catherine Alexander. Alexander claimed that the involved parties had infringed on her copyright by incorporating the tattoos in their games series without her permission.

Orton and Goldberg previously shared the ring together on a number of occasions, the first of which was their only singles match. This saw Goldberg come out victorious in just over five minutes on the 18 August 2003 broadcast of Raw, just days before they both entered SummerSlam 2003’s Elimination Chamber match together.

Randy Orton is currently competing on the Raw roster, where he’s in his second reign as Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Riddle. The team, known as RK-Bro, successfully defended the titles on night two of WrestleMania 38 against The Street Profits and Alpha Academy. Goldberg, meanwhile, last wrestled Universal Champion Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia.