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Randy Orton RKOs Alexa Bliss In Shocking RAW Finale

Alexa Bliss

This week’s WWE RAW saw two huge shocks close out the show. WWE Hall of Famer Edge would declare his participation in the Royal Rumble before Alexa Bliss challenged Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Bliss, who had pinned The Empress of Tomorrow one week previous after undergoing a complete character change, would look to repeat the character feat – but would meet her match this time round in a shocking end to RAW that saw 14-time WWE Champion hit Five Feet of Fury with an RKO to close out the show.

The RKO, though, wasn’t the only surprise – with Bliss entering the match with her Alexa’s Playground attire, like last week, and ending the encounter as her new-found Fiendish self wearing all black and appearing possessed. Meanwhile, in between, we also saw Bliss on a rocking horse in the middle of the ring – and returning to her best-known gimmick in WWE, looking traumatised all the while.

Bliss’ traditional entrance music would play mid-match, and Five Feet of Fury appeared in the ring in a complete costume change that would be a throwback to the former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion’s time as a breakout singles competitor. While Little Miss Bliss tried to gather her bearings, looking visibly shaken up, Asuka would try take advantage, and the lights would go out before Bliss became possessed, having seemingly let HIM in. With Asuka trying to lock in the Asuka Lock, Bliss escaped and implemented the Mandible Claw… Only for Randy Orton to appear and pay back the person who shot him in the face with a fireball two weeks ago.

Alexa Bliss is due to participate in the Women’s Royal Rumble, while Randy Orton will be in the Men’s Match. Will The Fiend make his return and seek vengeance on Orton for The Viper’s actions? Only time will tell.

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