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Randy Orton Reportedly “Not Cleared To Perform”

Randy Orton

14-time WWE Champion and current RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton is reportedly out of action having not been cleared to perform.

A recent report from PWInsider.com states that Randy Orton was not at Monday Night RAW this week.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Randy Orton was not at this past Monday’s Raw taping, PWInsider.com has confirmed. The word making the rounds backstage was that he was not “cleared to perform.”

Randy Orton and Riddle won the RAW Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam having teamed together as RK-Bro for the last few months. Randy Orton’s last match was on the 20th September edition of WWE RAW, taking on his former long-term rival and another former WWE Champion in AJ Styles.

Meanwhile, Mickie James recently told Inside The Ropes that she believes Orton deserves to be in the conversation for greatest of all time.

“Randy Orton, in my opinion, is today’s modern GOAT in the sense of he literally can go in there… I love old school style, I love story-telling somebody he can go in there and work with anyone and I don’t ever not believe anything that he’s doing. There’s zero room for error. I believe everything that he’s doing. It’s just perfection every time. And it’s because he doesn’t cater to the bullshit and he just wrestles how he wrestles and he doesn’t care. He can squeeze your head off for five minutes. And I just love it. I love it. That’s just old school. That’s like that old school style to me that I love, that makes sense to me.”

We will keep you updated with the status of Randy Orton as and when more information is available.