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Randy Orton Recalls WrestleMania 22 Calling 2006 “A Rough Year”

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At WrestleMania 22 Randy Orton challenged Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship. The match famously ended with Mysterio holding the world title aloft, dedicating the win to his late friend Eddie Guerrero.

While Randy Orton remained in the world title picture through the early part of 2006, The Viper’s career behind the scenes was going far from smoothly. Following WrestleMania, Orton was suspended for 60 days, and written off television. To make matters worse, by his own admission, Orton had already encountered some problems backstage.

Appearing on a special edition of The Kurt Angle Show, Orton discussed his memories of that difficult time in his career. Orton revealed that he was originally supposed to work with Triple H, but as part of a punishment for an earlier indiscretion, was taken out of that story. However, once he had served his punishment he was planned to hold the World Heavyweight Title.

“I do remember that they were going with me… I was supposed to be with Triple H and do the big deal and the big story going into Mania. And I had messed up somewhere along the lines, and i think now, my punishment was kind of over with and they were ready to go with me again. I wanna say that they were running with me and wanted to put the title on me for this Triple Threat. I could be wrong but that’s my memory.”

With that being said, Orton admits that due to getting into trouble backstage, plans were changed once more. This led to Rey winning the title, at the ‘Showcase of the Immortals.’

“Then I got a little bit of heat. You know, young, dumb, punk sh*t that I did, and I think they ended up going with Rey right? But the recollection of the exacts back then, are hard to really put out. But I do know that 2006, was a rough year for me personally, so that was kinda in all of the middle of that too. So there’s a good reason that I don’t remember that year too much.”

Orton went on to recall the Triple Threat match itself. The Viper recalled the match time being severely cut. However, Orton said that the men did the best that they could. In an earlier episode of the podcast, Kurt Angle also discussed the challenges that the trio faced in the match.

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