Randy Orton On His 14th World Championship Victory: “This Fourteenth World Title Is So Sweet”

Randy Orton Thumb

At WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday, Randy Orton shocked the world when he pinned Drew McIntyre with an RKO to capture his fourteenth world title in WWE.

Following a brutal back and forth effort which saw both men battle on top of the demonic structure, the finale was forewarned by a death defying fall from the side of the structure from the former champion. Moments later, a new figurehead was crowned.

After WWE Hell in a Cell had gone off of the air, Randy Orton conducted a WWE.Com exclusive interview in which he talked about his victory and standing among past Evolution teammates Triple H and Ric Flair as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever hold the gold:

“Is the 14th sweeter [than the rest]? Yes, it is. There’s a short list of men who have held this title 14 times or more. I am now a part of a list that includes my mentor Ric Flair, my greatest-ever opponent John Cena, and Triple H, another one of my mentors. So, yes, if tonight’s win didn’t make me a legend, at least it is sweet.”

With the WWE Championship firmly placed over his shoulder, Orton continued, discussing his career from ‘Legend Killer’ to ‘Viper’ and whether he’s done enough in eighteen years to be considered a legend:

“For the longest of time I had been a legend killer, putting many legends out to pasture. I’ve ended many careers. But the word ‘legend’ is thrown around rather loosely these days. Some have said I’m a legend, but I think they only say that because of my accomplishments, of which I have many. But that’s more because I’ve been here [in the WWE] since I was 19. I’ve been here for over 20 years, and that’s why this [14th World Title] is so sweet.”

Now Randy Orton is once again WWE Champion, ‘The Viper’ has a target on his back from no one more so than The Miz, who has already suggested he may cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Monday’s edition on Raw.

However, the plan now is believed to be Randy Orton vs. Edge for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 37 on March 28, 2021. With the wheels in motion, it would appear the master of the RKO is in for a lengthily reign.