Randy Orton On Cody Rhodes – “If It Wasn’t For Him, I Might Not Be Here”

Randy Orton Cody Rhodes

Randy Orton has discussed his friendship with Cody Rhodes and says Rhodes acted like Orton’s babysitter in their first spell together in WWE.

Orton and Rhodes spent many a night on the road together and in the ring as two-thirds of the Legacy group in the late 2000s. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. helped Orton achieve success during the group’s time together and were instrumental in The Viper winning the 2009 Royal Rumble.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes during WWE’s European tour, Randy Orton explained how even though he was the senior partner with a young Rhodes at the time, it was Rhodes who often had to look out for him:

“Cody, he was young, but I was still young when he came up, and I was still kind of in a period of time where I needed a babysitter. So as much as he puts me over for taking him under my wing when he was brand new, and drove me around town to town like he was a good — Cody, probably, is responsible for getting me town to town safely for a good three years of my career. If it wasn’t for him, I might not be here right now. Like, he was my babysitter after the show.”

Randy Orton held back from telling any wild stories from the pair’s time on the road together but jokes that a book could be written containing many an anecdote of the American Nightmare’s shenanigans:

“As far as stories, man, we had a lot of wild fun nights going out with the boys and sh*t. But that was like a lifetime ago. You know, we’re both married now with kids. There’s no reason I bring up all those old memories. Maybe when my kids are grown, his kids are grown, you know, a book is in order. There could be a chapter on all the funny sh*t Cody did, for sure.”

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