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Randy Orton – “Cena & Batista Used WWE” To Get To Hollywood

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Randy Orton has discussed his future plans, saying that he doesn’t see himself heading for the bright lights of Hollywood and instead is WWE for life.

Orton was a guest on WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle’s podcast, The Kurt Angle Show when the conversation turned to Orton’s future plans. The fourteen-time world champion explained why he sees his path as different from John Cena’s and Evolution teammate Batista’s.

Orton explained:

“I see them branching off and doing other things or making sure they have something lined up for when they can’t wrestle anymore. I kind of see myself being WWE for life, I don’t know why I’d go anywhere else, who knows what the future holds. Although I love movies, I love sending in auditions almost monthly, I don’t think acting is my passion, I’m not trying to move to Hollywood or move to New York and be a full-time actor.

“The way Cena did it, the way Batista did it is they used WWE as a jumping board to go into Hollywood. I think I’m happy with my place in the WWE right now, the money’s good, the talents good, the locker room is great, I have a good relationship with all the people in charge and I don’t see why I’d change that. I only see all of those different variables getting better over the coming years.”

As John Cena’s WWE career wound down over the last few years he has become a fixture in Hollywood. Cena currently hosts the reboot of Wipeout on TBS and will star in two of the biggest movies of 2021. Cena stars as Jakob Toretto in the newest movie in The Fast And The Furious franchise, F9 as well as taking on the role of Peacemaker in Marvel’s The Suicide Squad.

Batista has been no slouch when it comes to making his name in Hollywood. The former six-time world champion has starred as a Bond villain in Spectre. Batista will reprise his role as Drax The Destroyer in Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Love And Thunder, due for release in 2022.

Randy Orton has featured in a few films throughout his career, most notably taking the lead role in two sequels produced by WWE Studios. The Viper starred as Nick Malloy in 12 Rounds: Reloaded as well as starring in The Condemned 2.

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription