R-Truth Scores Shocking Victory In Hometown WWE Raw Return


The October 24th episode of WWE Raw took place in Charlotte, NC, and to the surprise and delight of the crowd in attendance, hometown hero R-Truth made a surprise appearance on the show.

Truth’s appearance came during a promo segment featuring his former Awesome Truth tag team partner The Miz, who took to the ring to address Dexter Lumis’ stalking him and running off his protégé Tommaso Ciampa. As Miz was speaking, Johnny Gargano interrupted, saying that he texted Ciampa recently, and that the former NXT Champion wasn’t run off by Lumis as Miz claims; instead, he’s home with an undisclosed injury.

As Gargano and Miz went back and forth, the sounds of R-Truth’s theme began to play, and he made a full entrance, complete with rapping along to What’s Up? Enraged at another interruption, The Miz seemed to be the only person not happy to see his former tag team partner, and he began to launch insults at Charlotte, NC. R-Truth was particularly incensed at the idea that Miz had insulted his city’s mac & cheese, and demanded to face him one on one.

R-Truth Defeated The Miz In Singles Action Thanks To Help From Johnny Gargano

Sure enough, the former members of Awesome Truth went head to head in singles action on WWE Raw following a commercial break. At one point, Truth seemed to channel his “childhood hero” John Cena as he went for a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Miz countered with a kick to the head.

As the match progressed, fans noticed a hooded figure in the crowd. With the person’s face obscured, Miz seemed to believe that this person was none other than Dexter Lumis, who kidnapped him back in August and has been stalking him for quite some time. The distraction allowed Truth to roll up Miz and score an upset pinfall victory, but as Miz was reeling from shock, the figure removed his hood to reveal that he was in fact Johnny Gargano instead of Lumis.

Later in the show, Miz confronted Gargano backstage to ask why he deceived him, and Gargano said that Miz has been deceiving everyone for weeks. Last week, Johnny Wrestling told Miz that he knows the secret reason Dexter Lumis has been targeting him, but that secret has yet to be revealed.

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