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R-Truth Reveals His Favourite WWE 24/7 Championship Moment

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Whatever your thoughts on the WWE 24/7 Championship, and many people have had their own opinion, one thing is undeniable and that is the gold has revitalised the career of R-Truth.

Able to play up to the enjoyable and goofy character that has captured the hearts of millions, Truth is currently a forty two time WWE 24/7 Champion, losing and winning it back on a weekly basis in often the most ludicrous of circumstances.

He has defended it against wrestlers and celebrities alike, with his last defence as of writing coming on the WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Kickoff against Drew Gulak.

Now, R-Truth has joined former Dudley Boy, D-Von, on his Table Talk podcast to discuss the WWE 24/7 Championship, those he has defended it against and his favourite moment as champion.

Beginning with the latter, Truth barely had to recount all of his forty two reigns to come up with his own personal highlight from the last year:

“Top of my head, I would definitely say Drake’s [Maverick] honeymoon. The tarmac, the golf course.”

His choice will be the pick of many. The mini-feud with Maverick not only helped to shine a light on the newly created strap and add some legitimate fun to Monday Night Raw, but it made a star of Drake Maverick who captured the audience’s imagination.

When it was revealed that the Brit was part of the company cuts earlier this year, the connection he’d built with the audience caused an outpour of objection which lead to his signing with NXT.

Next on the agenda was how and when Truth found out that the belt would be centered around him. Some championship reigns are planned months in advance. Years in really rare cases. Others are necessitated on the spur of the moment:

“I was told the day before and knew nothing else about it. That night, they explained it to me, and still, the concept hasn’t run with me yet, but I think it was developing over time by itself. I don’t force anything. The universe and energy create what you need and what you got to have. It suits you up, so I let that become what it was going to be.”

While opinion is heavily divided over the gold, it holds a special place in the champion’s heart as was evident when he spoke on what it meant to him and everything he loved about it:

“What I like about this whole thing is [the fans] see so much wrestling on TV. They get so many matches. They don’t get that 24/7 s**t, and when they do get a chance to see me, I still can go; I’m still a bad ass in the ring. I just haven’t put it down yet.”

Credit for the interview: Table Talk w/D-Von

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.