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R-Truth Recalls Crazy 24/7 Title Segment That Left Him Bleeding


It’s not easy being a wrestling champion and when you’re title can be defended anytime and anywhere, the danger levels drastically go up according to R-Truth.

R-Truth is incredibly a 52-time 24/7 Champion, holding the green and gold title belt over forty times more than the WWE Superstar with the second most reigns as champion.

Speaking to Sam Roberts on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Truth discussed the dangers involved in being involved in some of the whacky scenarios that have seen him win and lose the title over and over and over again:

“I did a scene with Tozawa with the trash can. If you’ve never been inside a metal trash can before, inside a metal trash can hurts,” R-Truth said. “I had to fall back in there. I’m talking about bones and everything, you’re around metal, and you’re falling in there. It was one of those things that fans wouldn’t know.”

“The Old Spice, when I came through the wall, those wooden boards whooped my ass. I was bleeding. They were supposed to have plastic, but it was real wood, and the wood was the ‘cut you wood.’”

R-Truth then recalled how Carmella slammed him into a fence by virtue of souped-up golf cart:

“I want to say when Carmella dragged me on that golf cart. It was souped-up and they didn’t tell us it was one of the brand new 250 motor engine that has a supercross, turbo twin pipes to it. I’m telling Carmella, ‘When you hit the gas, hit the gas. I’m going to run past you, I’m going to stop, look at you and I’m going to let you pass. I’m going to catch you.’ She said, ‘Really’, and I said, ‘Yes, just take off.’”

“Bro, she dragged me on that damn golf cart, and everybody that was on the golf course was over there laughing. She drugged me to where when we were off camera, by the time she turned the corner, it slammed me into a fence.”

The current 24/7 Champion is Dana Brooke and she could be in for a long reign as many of the stars that perenially chase after the title seem unwilling to lay their hands on a woman.

h/t WrestlingNews.co