R-Truth Injured In WWE NXT Match


Last week’s episode of WWE NXT saw Wes Lee come to the ring to address his NXT North American Championship win at Halloween Havoc. He thanked the crowd, giving a heartfelt speech about how he didn’t know if he’d ever make it to WWE, and how this title means everything to him because it means he truly belongs. However, his celebration was interrupted by Grayson Waller, who talked about losing his casket match to Apollo Crews the previous Saturday.

The WWE NXT crowd was shocked when the sounds of R-Truth‘s theme music began playing, and when the former 24/7 Champion got on the microphone, he seemed to believe that he was hosting Halloween Havoc tonight despite the event taking place three days ago. Waller ridiculed Truth for his confusion, and Truth emulated what he called a “Bristish” accent as the Australian confronted him. When Wes Lee confirmed that Halloween Havoc was over, R-Truth said “My bad!”

Grayson Waller, incensed by R-Truth mistaking his identity, challenged the North Carolina native to a match, but said that he’d wait until next week to fight him. However, the Australian tried to launch a sneak attack, but was thwarted and run off by R-Truth before Truth said, “See you next week!”

R-Truth’s Match Against Grayson Waller Was Called Off Due To Injury

Though R-Truth and Grayson Waller were both impressive early in their match, things took a turn for the worst when R-Truth attempted a dive over the top rope. After a rough landing, the star could be seen clutching his leg, and the show immediately went to a picture-in-picture broadcast. The camera stayed focused on Waller during the ad break, and when the commercial was over, it was announced that Grayson Waller was declared the winner as R-Truth could not continue.

Grayson Waller took to the microphone after the bout was called off to announce that he wasn’t surprised, and that he’s the most dominant Superstar in this company, no matter the brand. After saying that he’s tired of people sleeping on him, he gloated about beating a 20 year veteran, claiming to have done it “all by himself” with no mention of the unfortunate injury.

Elsewhere on WWE NXT, Alba Fyre interrupted Mandy Rose’s celebration of one year as NXT Women’s Champion and declared that she was once again coming for the title after beating Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne in the coming weeks.