“We Not Gonna To Have Any Problems, Are We?” – R-Truth Explains Backstage Heat With John Cena

John Cena

While R-Truth is universally loved by fans and colleagues alike, there were rumours that he was once get on the wrong side of none other than John Cena. If you’re going to have problems with someone in WWE may as well go big right?

R-Truth had a short spell in WWE from 1999 until 2002 under the name K-Kwik before being released and heading to TNA, which later became IMPACT Wrestling. Here, Truth became NWA World Heavyweight Champion before returning to WWE in 2008. While away from the company, the star who also performs as a rapper released a couple of diss-tracks aimed at the company. This led to speculation that he wasn’t in John Cena’s good books.

R-Truth Discusses Issues With John Cena

By the time R-Truth returned to WWE, John Cena was well established as the ‘Face that runs the place.’ This meant that there was more than a little bit of anticipation about what would happen when they eventually came face-to-face.

Speaking during an interview with Premier Live TV back in September, Truth lifted the lid on how the rumoured issues between himself and Cena came about.

“Konnan was the reason for that, though. I landed — this was after I did this the diss song about [WWE} and all that, I was mad I was ‘going through my thing.’ And I did a diss song and put it on YouTube, and like got a little views on it. Well John Cena landed in Charlotte and I was taking off. And we literally saw each other and did that [nod at each other], and we passed on, kept going.

So when I got to I got to TV I said, ‘Man, John Cena was at the airport.’ They’re like, ‘Oh really? What happened?’ I said, ‘No, we just spoke to each other and that was about it.’ Immediately somebody said, ‘Hey I heard John Cena was in Charlotte, y’all passed by.’ I said, ‘Who told you that?’ And Konnan’s like, ‘Bro, people are going away disappointed. Like, you have to build this story up a little bit more.’ I said, ‘Bro that’s what happened.’ He said, ‘No, I’ll show you how to build it up.’

“Kept walking on through, ‘Hey Truth, was you and John Cena in the same airport?’ I was like, ‘Dog, he came through Charlotte and I was leaving out. We just waved and that was it.’ Konnan goes ‘But did you tell him about when you pushed him, though? Tell him that part!’ I said, ‘I didn’t push [him].’ He’s all, ‘Ronnie’s not, he don’t want to tell you he pushed him. And he said, ‘motherf**ker, come on!’ I said, ‘Bro, don’t go spreading that!’ And then before you know it, was all the way around that we had this big beef thing, the whole nine.”

Recalling what happened when he finally met John Cena, the veteran said that it was nothing but love.

“When I signed back to the company, Cena was the big dog. And everybody was waiting for us to come — to meet face-to-face. Everybody was waiting, knew I signed back. And the boys are so crazy, man. Umaga man, RIP Umaga, he got me to come back, and even he was in the locker room.

When I got to the locker room though, all of the boys were sitting down just watching. Cena was in the bathroom. So, when I came in I didn’t know this. They’re all sitting there waiting. And when he came in, he looked and said, ‘We not gonna have any problems, are we?’ I said, ‘Man, hell no. I’m on your ship.’ And he was like [scoffs], and we clap and [hug]. The whole locker room went, ‘Awww, man! S**t!’”

While John Cena is now very much part-time with WWE, R-Truth remains a permanent fixture with the company. The star is currently out of action after suffering a serious injury on the November 1st edition of NXT.

H/t to 411Mania